Who needs Assistance +?

Out-of-town sons, daughters and relatives with parents or loved ones on Hilton Head Island and the surrounding area

You will find comfort in knowing that there are caring individuals who will look after your parents or family member when you simply can’t be here.  This service can be as comprehensive as desired and will be tailored to suit your preferences and your loved one’s needs.


Local residents caring for parents or family members living nearby

You may find this service helpful when you go on vacation or when you simply are overburdened with the demands of your job and family.  Our agency can relieve you of all or some of your responsibilities for short periods of time and be there to intervene if an emergency should arise in your absence.


Older adults who can’t quite manage all their daily activities or don’t want to burden their family with demands for assistance

You just may require an advocate to intercede for you occasionally or when your family can’t be there.  Perhaps you are overwhelmed caring for your spouse.  To maintain your independent lifestyle you may need some minimal assistance.  Whatever your needs, we will arrange for the appropriate services.