Look at what some of our clients have said

A sister from Boston

Assistance + allowed me to sleep again!  Susan Kelsey’s dedication and professional know-how gave me the confidence that my sister had the management of the care she needed.

Assistance + had the oversight of all aspects of my sister’s care over a five-year period.  They managed and arranged for doctor’s visits, in-home care; oversaw  mail-ordering of medications; made sure there was food in the house; encouraged my sister to exercise; and even advocated for her in the complex world of insurance for the disabled.  Additionally, Susan arranged moving my sister, with all her medical needs, from Boston to Hilton Head and then again, back to Connecticut.

I completely trusted her with the management of my sister’s emotional and medical care.  During these difficult years, she even had some words of wisdom for me!  I still consult with her from afar.

Beth H., Boston, MA

A son from Colorado

I am writing to you out of appreciation for the services provided to my mother over the final 27 months of her life.  She was a widow and lived alone in a retirement community.  But despite wonderful friends and facilities, she needed additional support.  It is never easy for children to make decisions on behalf of an aging parent, but it is even more difficult when the children live remotely.  Our mother was thrilled to live on Hilton Head Island and consistently declined to move to Virginia, where my sister lives, and Mother was unwilling to join my family in Colorado.  Additionally, it was not possible for either of us children to go to Hilton Head on a frequent basis due to our own jobs and families.

As Mother’s health and judgment gradually failed while living independently, it was imperative that she have a consistent and reliable caregiver who would act as liaison for our family.  What a blessing it was to be referred to Assistance +. From the time of our initial meeting and assessment, it was clear that we had found exactly what we needed.  Karen Kirby and Susan Kelsey did a magnificent job in evaluating the needs of our mother in terms of mental status, strength, safety, nutrition, etc.  We were immediately reassured by their thoroughness, and Mother was delighted with their caring and companionship.  Assistance + kept us informed as to the ongoing status of our mother, both as she remained stable and as she changed.  Either Karen or Susan accompanied Mother on medical and dental visits, quickly and accurately reporting what had transpired.  Although Mother had many friends and a housekeeper who helped her, Assistance + arranged for prescriptions or personal items to be provided when needed.  Simply put, Assistance + did whatever was necessary to be certain that our mother was safe and comfortable as she lived independently.

As Mother’s health deteriorated and she had to move to constant care, Assistance + followed closely, continuing to be our eyes and ears in the nursing facility.  It was very reassuring to have a third party continuing to assess and report on her condition.  When it came time to transition to hospice care, Assistance + was the first to suggest this, giving us the necessary referral and contact information.

Although Karen was Mother’s primary care manager, Susan was a vital and valued contributor to the team effort.  Both were readily accessible, and communication via phone or e-mail was ongoing at all times.  I never felt “in-the-dark” despite the distance, and their superb service allowed me to rest assured that everything was in good hands.

Please note that I write this not only as a son, but also as a physician.  I am keenly aware of how compassion is often lost in favor of expedience within the delivery of health care.  I was not always successful in attempting to communicate directly with the physicians in charge of my mother’s care, but Assistance + made sure I was always in the loop.  Despite the best intentions of nurses and other staff, things often slip through the cracks.  I am eternally thankful to Karen and Susan for being there to serve as the ultimate advocates on behalf of my mother.  I cannot recommend Assistance + highly enough.  The service provided was beyond anything I could have hoped for, and I could not be happier to recommend Karen Kirby and Susan Kelsey.  Assistance + made an enormous difference in the final years of our mother’s life, as well as in the peace-of-mind of our family.  I remain forever grateful to  Assistance +.

Robert L. Cox, M.D., Greenwood Village, CO

A son from England

We are all so grateful for your hard work and dedication, your round-the-clock care, your positive attitude and versatility.  You’re such a great help to all of us.  We don’t know what we would have done without you.

J.K., England

A granddaughter from Washington, D.C.

The work and care and time and effort you have and are putting toward Grandma & Grandpa is something I can’t thank you enough for.  They–and we–are SO LUCKY to have you by their side.  Truly, THANK YOU !!!

L.S., Washington, D.C.

A son from Denver

I don’t know what I would do without Assistance +. Thank you for everything.  It gives me great peace of mind knowing you are close by looking after my dad.  I feel a lot more at ease with you monitoring things there.

M.G., Denver, Colorado

A local home care agency administrator

Thank you for all the time and efforts you gave to our mutual clients.  You not only helped us help them, but you oversaw the much needed communication with their long-distance family.  In addition, your wonderful attention to detail saved a great deal of money by finding lapsed insurance and getting it reinstated…”in the nick of time!”  Your knowledge, kindness and thoroughness are a perfect combination to help vulnerable seniors and their often frustrated families find good solutions.

As a service who provides caregivers, we especially appreciate your helping us keep our clients safe and finding the best course of action.  We feel so fortunate to have Assistance + in our community.

Jan Geraghty, The Home Instead Team

A son from Savannah

I was so happy to share with you that the long term care insurance company, which had initially denied my mother her benefits under its policy, had reversed its decision.  My mother will now be receiving a monthly payment under her policy in large part due to your participation in the claims process.

My mother’s mental and physical status presented some convoluted issues, and I was impressed that you took the time to read a lengthy history of her decline which I mailed you before we met.  Your meeting with me before you assessed my mother was both thorough and unhurried.  Of course, I am grateful that you were able to get along so well with my 91-year old mother.  She took to you right away and seemed to enjoy your visit.

I am aware, too, that you did some follow-up phone calls with the nursing staff at my mother’s assisted living facility, and that reinforced my initial impression that you were going to do a good job with your geriatric assessment.  I have been a student of my mother’s physical, emotional, and mental status as her immediate caregiver, but I learned things about my mother I did not know when I read your cogent and well written geriatric assessment.

In short, I appreciate your involvement in successfully reversing the insurance company’s decision to deny my mother needed benefits under her long term care insurance policy.

Albert E. Clark, Savannah, GA

A cousin from Florida

The words “thank you” in all ways don’t seem to say what’s in my heart, body and soul.  We were so lucky we found you and Karen.  It was indeed a blessing for my cousin, who lived so far away from us.  You gave her and our family that special love and support that helped maintain her quality of life.  We never expected that you not only would be her “family” but ours, as well.  Please know that we are forever grateful.

C.F., Ft. Lauterdale, Florida

A daughter from Pennsylvania

I’m so grateful for all your help over the last few difficult weeks while we moved Dad from his home into his new independent living apartment.  You are so reassuring and are able to navigate the systems — and emotions — of eldercare so well.  On behalf of my sister, myself, and especially Dad, we are very grateful.

C.S., Pittsburgh, PA

A sister from Ohio

Although each of us at different times has thanked you for all you did for our sister before, during and following her death, we wanted to express our collective gratitude again.  In her advancing illness, her trust in you never waivered.  To our family you were the bridge that connected us to her…you as that bridge assisted us in so many countless ways — helping to facilitate our contacts with the resources we needed in place, guiding us through the maze of what needed to be done, supporting us with your loving care, etc…We remain appreciative of the work you did for us and will look forward to seeing you in Hilton Head when we visit.

L. F., Cleveland, OH

A niece from Connecticut

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the professional and personal services you provided for my uncle.  He and I came to love both of you and trust you so much.  Thank you for helping him live and die in a safe and loving environment and not dying alone.  God bless both of you.

P.B., Milford, CT

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