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Assistance +, LLC
5 Whistling Swan Road
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Phone: (843) 816-0508
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Email: assistplus1@gmail.com


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“I was so happy to share with you that the long term care insurance company, which had initially denied my mother her benefits under its policy, had reversed its decision. My mother will now be receiving a monthly payment under her policy in large part due to your participation in the claims process.

My mother’s mental and physical status presented some convoluted issues, and I was impressed that you took the time to read a lengthy history of her decline which I mailed you before we met. Your meeting with me before you assessed my mother was both thorough and unhurried. Of course, I am grateful that you were able to get along so well with my 91-year old mother. She took to you right away and seemed to enjoy your visit.

I am aware, too, that you did some follow-up phone calls with the nursing staff at my mother’s assisted living facility, and that reinforced my initial impression that you were going to do a good job with your geriatric assessment. I have been a student of my mother’s physical, emotional, and mental status as her immediate caregiver, but I learned things about my mother I did not know when I read your cogent and well written geriatric assessment.

In short, I appreciate your involvement in successfully reversing the insurance company’s decision to deny my mother needed benefits under her long term care insurance policy.”

Albert E. Clark, Savannah, GA